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Past listings have included these makers: Ansonia, Seth Thomas, Wm. L. Gilbert, New Haven Clock. Co., E. N. Welch, Jerome, Waterbury, Kroeber, Herschede, Chelsea, Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks, Junghans, Japy Freres, Lenzkirch, and many others.

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Posted by: Donald Sargeant on 2010-04-16
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Title: Wanted. Old junk gears misc parts
Description: I'm looking to buy by the pound old scrap gears and misc parts from clocks and watches. gears cogs springs especially pocket watch movements and smaller mechanical watch movements are greatly desired. pocket watch frames also would like to have. Will be used in artwork and other misc projects. please email me if you ship in the USA and sell by the pound or can negotiate a price.

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